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Coach Kellie Hart Davis of Fit Thrive
$49 USD
"Thank you Kellie, I am so picky with programs and yours always keep me interested and motivated and the results are clear! " 

- Stefanie, Fit Thrive member
Fit Thrive bodyweight and bands program testimonial
You've got it handled. This thing called life. You cut the crust off sandwiches, mail birthday cards five days ahead of schedule, and do this all while organizing notes for tomorrow's office meeting. 

Everything in life has it's place on the calendar. Which is perfect...

Except one things missing. That coveted ME TIME you keep reading about on all of those happiness websites. 

Sounds crazy, I know. Me Time. If you make it out the door with matching shoes, that's a pretty big win. You barely have time to put on mascara let alone workout.

I get it. I used to feel the exact same way. Then I realized the saying is true, "If Mama isn't happy, then nobody is happy."

I was a busy middle school teacher with two young kids when I finally decided to go back to the gym. I didn't like how I looked, and more importantly I didn't like how I felt. 

I was tired. I was moody. My clothes didn't fit well. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and it wore on my self esteem. I realized I was the only one who could change this. So I signed up for classes at my local gym.

That was in 2008, and since I've become a raving fan of daily movement. From the first day I decided to create a change I haven't looked back.

I set a goal to simply show up. I had no other goal in mind. I showed up two days a week. Then I added days, and soon I was trying new things. I grew more comfortable and began to love exercise in a way I never thought possible.

I set that initial goal to show up 10 years ago, and I've experienced the most amazing life through fitness. 

I didn't plan any of it. But falling in love with what exercise could do for me created this incredible path. The stronger I grew and the healthier I became, the more empowered I felt in all aspects of life. 

I've co-authored an internationally published women's fitness book, consulted with major companies like Daily Burn and Fitocracy, started an online fitness membership site, won women's figure competitions, competed in powerlifting. 

The list is immense. And it all started because I decided to show up. 
I designed my Fit Thrive 12-Weeks Bodyweight and Bands Program because I know you are ready to show up. 

You want to press GO and see where this journey takes you. And you want a coach who has been in your shoes and knows exactly the right steps to get you to your goals. 

I invite you to join me over the next 12 weeks in this at-home workout program where you will learn the fundamentals of movement, including bracing, alignment, and proper positioning so you can make the most of your routine. 

You will also learn exactly how to use bodyweight and bands to your advantage during exercise. You may think these are easy beginner exercises, but using just your bodyweight and a few bands gives you an incredible workout when you understand exactly what to do. 

I've deadlifted and squatted hundreds of pounds, yet I still use bodyweight and bands exercises in my daily workouts. They teach you the principles of strength and challenge you on a different level. 

I can't wait to get started with you. You will learn how to use your body as a gym so you don't need to commute, deal with crowds, pay membership fees, or try to carve out time to leave home. You workout on your terms when it's convenient for your schedule. 
Boost your energy and mood with
my 38-Quick Home Workout guide.
What do you say? You want more workouts?

Thought you'd never ask. Here are 38 more quick home workouts you can do anywhere. 

Whether you train at home, in the gym, or on the go, you will have plenty of options to satisfy your fitness itch. 
$49.99 Value- Yours FREE when you enroll today.
Fit Thrive Bodyweight and Bands workout program testimonial
"Kellie's videos are great to build awareness and muscle activation. My posture improved notably within a couple of weeks, and I gained a lot of ab and glute strength which has helped my cycling performance considerably!"
-Lauren, Fit Thrive member
What You Will Get Out Of Fit Thrive
12-Week Bodyweight and Bands Program: 
The best exercises to help you develop better movement patterns, core stability, glute activation, mobility, and flexibility. All while growing stronger and leaner.
A carefully crafted workout program designed with enough intensity to make you sweat, but takes up little time in your day. Get great results in less time.
Detailed video tutorials to teach you to move better, how to properly position your body during exercise, and which muscles you should feel.  
Access to our web and mobile app designed by exercise.com so your workouts are easy to find and track. Everything is right in your pocket from scheduling to tracking, plus all your support material. 
An invite to our knowledgeable and welcoming community where you engage with friendly people working through the same program. 
 Email contact with Kellie and the Fit Thrive team via the web app to answer any questions you have about the program.
check out what others have to say
about bodyweight and bands:
 I purchased Bodyweight and Bands to have in my back pocket for traveling or when I want to do something without having to go to a gym. I like that I can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. The videos are easy to follow and as usual, are of great quality.
 I am surprised by how much I love the program. I already love GetGlutes so I bought it for travel but the workouts are so interesting, I could not help but start doing them.

When I'm feeling beat up or injured, it's wonderful to have another option at the ready. It's kind of novel and fun to follow along on the app live to learn new exercises. Until I try something, I have no idea how challenging and effective it will actually be. Right from the very first workout, it's been stunning how much more there is to learn and how very challenging one can make a simple bodyweight move.

 I love the program. After many years of heavy lifting, it is exactly what my body needs right now. The workouts are great and very balanced hitting every major muscle group. Many of the exercises are deceptively challenging and really work the smaller stabilizing muscles - hello reverse side planks and pulsing bird dog, OMG!
 I am in month two and totally love it so far! I hurt my back and after trying to continue to lift heavy through the pain and trying physical therapy with no change this came at the perfect time

My back is 100% better now and I feel like I am working on making my foundation stronger. I am excited to get back to heavy lifting, but I am taking my time with the band workout and making sure to utilize it properly. It's a great addition to have when you just need a break from the heavy, injured or not!

Join Fit Thrive's Bodyweight and Bands Program today to begin your journey toward STRENGTH and HAPPINESS.

No gym membership required.
What you will need to do this program:
Your awesome self plus a few resistance bands. We recommend The X Bands sets, plus have other suggestions per request. 
How many workouts per week:
Fit Thrive runs in 3 phases that last 4 weeks. Each phase provides 4 weekly full-body workouts that build strength and cardiovascular endurance with band and bodyweight movements, while helping to improve mobility and stability in the joints.
Fast  results with detailed instruction:
Each workout offers individual exercise tutorial videos to help you gain a greater understanding of the movement. Train right alongside Kellie as she walks you through the steps for each move. 

It's like having a coach at your fingertips. 
Aren't bodyweight and band exercises too easy?
It's easy to go through bodyweight and band workouts with a breeze. Learn how to do the exercises most effectively and home in on that coveted mind-muscle connection by watching the highly detailed instructional demos as you exercise. Every fitness level will benefit from learning the proper foundations of movement

You'll never look at bodyweight exercises the same!

How the workouts will be delivered:
Fit Thrive workouts arrive to your mobile device or computer through our trackable app provided by Exercise.com. The app allows you to schedule your workouts, track your routines, and chart your progress all from your mobile device or computer. 

Sign up and let the magic happen!
Workout on your terms:
Workout from home, the park, the gym, the Target fitness aisle - wherever and whenever is up to you.

And whether you are a total app fiend or prefer to access your workouts via printable workouts logs and a laptop or desktop, Bodyweight and Bands has you covered. 

Find your fit tribe:
Join our thriving community of supportive women along the same journey as you. Our one of a kind Facebook group cheers you on, answers your questions, and celebrates your success as you work through the program. 

Get to know Kellie and the Fit Thrive community today!
Fit Thrive 
Band and Bodyweight Routines encompass everything I love about being a strong, healthy woman.
Each workout helps to build foundational skills that will improve your overall strength while providing a better understanding of movement that translates into all areas of life. These quick, intense workouts save time in your busy day all while helping you burn fat and build muscle.

I can't wait to get started with you! 

Kellie Davis

Founder Fit Thrive, Co-Founder Get Glutes, Co-Author Strong Curves

Freelance Fitness Writer, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Kellie Hart Davis, Strong Curves co-author and founder of Fit Thrive

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Fit Thrive Satisfaction Guarantee
If you don't love our program after tracking it in the app for 30 days, we guarantee your money back. We want you to be a raving fan of our programs, so if after 30 days of logging your workouts and putting in effort, you feel the program isn't right for you then we will gladly refund you 100%. In return we ask that you give the workouts a fair shot. That means you show up every day ready to work, push through every workout, and give it your all.
Consumer Testimonials. As with any business-related program, your results using Fit Thrive Bodyweight and Bands may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, dedication to the program, fitness level at beginning of program, biological factors, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or fitness level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Fit Thrive Bodyweight and Bands is not a “get results quick scheme.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and these grads agree.
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