FINALLY Have The Killer Bod You've Always Wanted Without Sacrificing Tons Of Time And Energy Doing Workouts You Dread.
Build Your Epic EVERYTHING in this 12-Month Workout System designed to grow pretty muscle from head-to-toe (with MAJOR focus on your backside). SEE noticable results the first 8-weeks, while speeding up recovery so you can have a life outside your workouts. 
Are You Utterly Sick And Tired Of Spending Gobs Of Time In The Gym Only To Lose Motivation After Not Getting Results? 
Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Epic Ass Workout Series is a complete 12-month workout system designed to grow beautiful muscle (with an emphasis on your glutes), increase endurance, and level-up  athleticism, all while using a good mix of weights, bands, and bodyweight movements in workouts that are always fun and challenging (plus easy on your joints so you recover fast).
Workouts that work for you
Coaching that helps you move better
Community and trainer support
Programs that adapt to your needs
You're a go-getter. You invest a lot in your health and you know what you want for your body. But the effort you put into your body isn't rendering the results you want.  

And you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get in another long, boring workout and cook confusing ten-step healthy meals with weird ingredients... 

...because you're being pulled in eighteen different directions as it is. A winning day is when you remember to put mascara on both eyes and grab matching shoes before you rush out the door. 

You don’t want to waste another second doing workouts that leave you dazed and confused in a puddle of your own sweat, all while not getting the results they promised. 

The Epic Ass Series is a result-driven workout system guaranteed to see noticeable changes in your body in the first eight weeks. Work your glutes multiple times per week using proven methods to get results without feeling beat up or sore all the time. Sculpt beautiful shoulders, build strong legs, and get a rock solid core. 

This workout system is a choose your own adventure-style program that gives you plenty of options. Choose to exercise as often as you like with the choice to use whatever equipment is available for you. 
As your coach, I guide you through each exercise so you understand exactly how your body moves, what muscles you should feel, and how to properly breathe, align your joints, and brace your core. The secret to seeing real, lasting results is learning how your body can work best for you in your workouts and everyday life. 

This workout system is all about community with a built-in support system of women along the same journey and a coach readily available to answer questions and give feedback. 

When you work through each phase of your 12-month workout system, the program adapts to your new strength gains so you never get bored and continue to see results month after month. 

And don’t sweat trying to finish on time. You have a life. You have other interests. Once you join the program, it’s yours to keep and work through at your own pace

You get plenty of support to help you stay motivated, get back on track if life comes up, and to adapt for travel or unexpected time away.

And, hey, fitness doesn’t happen only in the gym. When new workouts get delivered, you will work through mindset and self-care monthly challenges. Nurturing your body inside will increase the results you see on the outside. 

The most important part of Epic Ass is to have fun, challenge yourself in new ways, and to celebrate what you achieve! 

We are all in this together!

This Gym Owner and Powerlifter Loves Epic Ass
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You'll Never Need Another Workout System... And Here's Why!
Epic ass is a complete workout system that guarantees noticeable results in the first 8 weeks!
Are you a known program hopper? Bouncing around from workout system to workout system hoping to find the secret sauce for growing muscle in all the right places while leaning out and feeling more athletic?

It's okay. You're not alone. That's why I designed The Epic Ass Workout Series to grow and change with you over the course of a lifetime. Women from age 22-72 have all successfully seen incredible results using these proven workout methods because the built-in strategies allow you to exercise frequently without feeling beat up, overworked, or under-recovered. 

" The changes I made were pretty incredible, in fact I’d say they were pretty epic! This program worked my butt and the rest of my body in a way I never thought possible…I actually can’t wait to run it again soon.. thank you Kellie!" 
Stephanie - in her 30's
"Once again, Kellie overdelivers with a workout program that feels like it was written for my body. I can't believe how quickly my body changed, and I felt really good the whole time. Thanks, Kellie, for always knowing exactly what we need in our workouts."
Lauren - in her 30's
Here's how it works...
The Epic Ass Workout Series is designed to deliver 12 months of workouts to your inbox. It's like the gift that keeps giving. Ever 2-3 weeks you will receive a new set of body part split workouts, with an emphasis on the glutes every session. 

Each workout has full video tutorials so that you learn exactly how to move your body during exercise. If you are looking for a follow-along workout program, this isn't for you. 

The goal with this program is to help you learn how to best move for your body, using proper form and technique, breathing mechanics, alignment, and positioning. It's like having a personal trainer by your side coaching you through each movement. 

Along with the workout videos, you get downloadable workout logs for tracking, along with suggested exercises that suit the equipment you have. So if you don't have a piece of equipment in the workout, no sweat. We've got you covered. 

In addition, the coaching provides alternatives, regressions, and progressions of exercises so you feel comfortable no matter your fitness level. 

All of the content is stored inside your personal account so you can use it any time for years to come. Don't stress if life happens. You're human and we don't expect you to always follow a schedule. No matter where you leave off, your workouts will be waiting for you. This is a system you can use two, three, even five years down the road.

Once you sign up, we invite you to join our friendly community where you can chat with other women along the same journey, get advice from Kellie, and write about your experience or ask questions. 

The goal with The Epic Ass Series is to take the guesswork out of working out so you can spend your time enjoying life. The workouts are short, intense, easy to follow, and easy to recover from. 

Each session was meticulously designed with your body in mind

You will feel challenged, grow stronger, build muscle, burn fat, improve endurance, and walk away from a session feeling energized and in charge! 

" I'm pretty amazed at the changes I've seen in my body since starting Kellie's programs. I had plenty of years under my belt prior to working with her, but nothing has worked as well as these programs." 
Annie - in her 70's
"This program said Epic Ass, but my whole body epically changed.  I enjoy always having thoughtful workouts delivered to my inbox. It's like Christmas morning every time I get a new workout from Kellie."
Misti - in her 40's
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Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  12-months of Epic Workouts delivered to your personal account ever 2-3 weeks, with videos, downloadable logs, mobility warm-ups, and tips to help you breathe, align, and move better.
  •  Full video tutorials to coach you through each movement so you know EXACTLY what to do, what muscles to feel, and how to adjust for your body. No guesswork involved. 
  •  A friendly private community for additional support, access to your coach, and a place to meet cool women along the same journey. 
  •  Monthly Q and A sessions, mindset and self-care challenges, and coaching bonuses.
  •  A body that moves pain-free, has enviable muscle and curves in all the right places, and has you feeling your best day after day. 
It's like getting 12 months of personal training with a top coach... for the price of four sessions! 
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
My Epic-Ass Discovery
I began experimenting in my gym after spending years training as a bodybuilder turned powerlifter. Though I looked perceivably strong in the gym, I developed tons of compensations patterns that allowed me to move big weights in inefficient ways

I was spending 4 days a month getting chiropractic treatments for hip and low back pain. I was in and out of physical therapy due to chronic hip flexor pain and a pretty serious knee injury. I spent more time recovering than training because I was so beat up from heavy lifting, and I pulled out my back often doing everyday things like gardening and housework. 

I decided enough was enough. I KNEW I had to get strong on a REAL level... by working on all the little supporting muscles that stabilize joints. I had to overcome alignment issues in my hips so I could strengthen my deep core muscles.

I put away heavy weights for six months. I developed my Glutes and Core Strength System, followed by the first 60 Days To An Epic Ass

My body changed drastically in a short time. 

Not only did I look fitter and more athletic than ever, but my glutes grew two inches. The real test came when I signed up for a deadlift meet. 

I trained for six weeks only, after not lifting heavy weights for six months. I won second place in my class with a 340-pound deadlift not using a belt or chalk...

... Beating out women 10-15 years younger than me. 

That's when I knew I discovered SOMETHING BIG. I released my new programs to my community and Epic Ass soon grew into a 12-month series. 

Though the name is a little tongue-in-cheek, this program is more than building a great butt (a byproduct of the system that sells itself). It's about self-discovery, new challenges, and building a resilient body that feels amazing, is pain free, and achieves what you thought was once impossible. 

YOUR time to finally build an epic body that looks as amazing as it feels starts now!

So, what happens when I sign up?
Glad you asked! Once you sign up, you are automatically logged into your personal account where your program is stored ( remember to write down or save your login info). You will be taken through a Welcome process to get you acquainted, and then you are on your way to your first workout! Each time a new workout plan is released, you will get notified in your inbox. This happens for 12 months, and after that all the workouts are housed in your personal account. 
What’s next?
By now we've chatted up the program enough for you to decide if it's a good fit. Click one of the many buttons to head to our payment options. It's easy-peasy to pay and dig into your content right away. 
Try it risk-free for 7 days. You’ve got nothing to lose.
I feel confident in my bikini
" This is my favorite workout program! It focuses on most women's problem area, their glutes, because we just don't use them like we should. I can now wear bikini bottoms comfortably without getting the double-butt syndrome. I have confidence in my backside that I never had before! I recommend this program as it worked wonders for me and I am running it a second time. "
Robyn, in her 50's
12 payments
Billed monthly for 12 months
  • New Workouts Delivered To Your Personal Account Every 2-3 Weeks for 1 year!
  • Detailed Workout Videos, Warm-Ups, and More! 
  • Private Online Community
  • Monthly Mindset Challenges
  • Lifetime Access When Paid In Full
  • Work through the program whenever as as often as you like!
big savings!
One Time Payment, Save $100!
  • New Workouts Delivered To Your Personal Account Every 2-3 Weeks for 1 year!
  • Detailed Workout Videos, Warm-Ups, and More! 
  • Private Online Community
  • Monthly Mindset Challenges
  • Lifetime Access When Paid In Full
  • Work through the program whenever as as often as you like
3 Payments
Billed First 3 Months
  • New Workouts Delivered To Your Personal Account Every 2-3 Weeks for 1 year!
  • Detailed Workout Videos, Warm-Ups, and More! 
  • Private Online Community
  • Monthly Mindset Challenges
  • Lifetime Access When Paid In Full
  • Work through the program whenever as as often as you like!
Got Questions? We've Got Answers...
What Equipment Do I Need? 
Epic Ass is designed to suit the most basic gym all the way to using a fancy commercial facility. You're golden if you have a good set of bands, some type of weight, a stability ball, and a bench. And the more equipment you have, the merrier!

Do I Have To Be Super Fit For This?
We do recommend a basic understanding of strength training. If you are brand new to this type of training, start with Glutes+Core Strength. It's a great transition into this program. However, if you are familiar with strength training and have a solid understanding of movements like squats, hip hinges, presses, and pulls-- then you are good to go! 

Crikey, 12 Months Is A Long Time! 
Each module of Epic Ass is divided into 8-12 weeks. The program is yours to keep, so you can work through at your own pace, come back to it after breaks, and pick up where you left off. You'll love not having to think about coming up with workouts ever again. We have members work through the system multiple times. 

I Want To Work My Whole Body! 
You are in luck! Though you train your glutes in every workout, this program is a full body system. Each workout focuses on your upper or lower body, with glutes and core accessory work. Every muscle big and small gets a good workout in Epic Ass. It really is your Epic Everything program. 

Will I See Results Fast?
The original program was only 8 weeks, and our community saw amazing results in that time frame (all testimonials are after 8 weeks). Results will vary and we have no guarantee because your body, coachability, and commitment is unique to you. We think you're gonna love what you see, though, and will want to continue your journey long after those initial eight weeks (it's kind of addictive in the best way).

Can I Use Epic Ass If I Have Old Injuries?
Check with your doctor prior to starting any workout program. If you get the O.K., this program is joint-friendly enough for most users. Kellie developed this program after years of sports and lifting injuries. She went through two years of workouts like these prior to having her knee repaired. We have other users with hip replacements, shoulder injuries, and more. It all depends on how your body adapts, but most find it very easy on their body. 

Do I Have To Workout 6 Days A Week? 
You will see the best results if you follow the program as is. However, you can cut out the additional glutes only workouts and exercise four days a week so that you still hit all your major muscle groups and train your glutes several times a week.

Do You Have A Sample Workout?
Sure thing! You click here and we will email you a sample lower body workout and warm-up routine right away!

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