Get Stronger and Leaner In A Workout System Designed To Improve Athleticism, Build More Muscle, And Counter The Effects of Aging.   
(All While You Recover Faster And Learn To Move Best for Your Body To Reduce Risk of Pain And Injury.)
Get Strong In This 12-Month Complete Online Workout System 
A workout system that builds strength, grows muscle, improves mobility, balance and stability... without leaving you beat up, overly sore, or unable to recovery. 
Are you suffering from a case of the DREADS…?
… Dreading the same old boring workout routine that you scratched on a notepad six months ago?

The one you've re-run more times than the final episode of Lost (it was soooo good and weird, but what was it even all about)?

… Dreading yet another failed attempt at one of those schmancy Instagram workouts that the chick made look real easy, but you know you’re gonna fall flat on your face? #epicgymfail

… Dreading the oh-gravy-did-I-just-climb-Mount-Everest-carrying-a-camel exhaustion you feel after your day because yesterday’s workout killed you…

...And you're eating barely enough calories to feed a house cat because Joe trainer in that one article told you to…

... And you can’t seem to find the right balance between work, the gym, and your COMPLETELY FULL, really there is no space on my calendar, SCHEDULE?

… Dreading that nagging hip or low back pain you feel when you try to move anything remotely heavy in the gym. If someone could please tell me what the “F” I’m doing to make it all not hurt all the time, #pleasethanksbye?

… Dreading the lack of motivation (like, really... who stole it?) because you can’t find a single routine that works for your body and your goals?...

... Dreading the absolute overwhelm of trying to find the right workout plan for you without shutting down in analysis paralysis with all the conflicting information out there?...
By this time tomorrow, you won't be stuck in fitness overwhelm anymore...
Why? Because I get it...   
I get you. I was YOU ten years ago before I started my own fitness journey.

Since then, I've spent countless hours deeply entrenched in the psyches of hundreds of women to learn exactly what it takes to be an actual superwoman (read: I have everyday conversations with the real women in my coaching programs about real life so we can break down what it takes to be fit, happy, and healthy without killing ourselves).

I've spent tireless years inside the lab studying what works to build your best body while living your best life (read: I work with real women with real lives who want to feel amazing without giving up what they love).

Wanna know the answers that I discovered after all of this field testing and research...?

Stop trying so hard. That's it.

Hand over the reins to someone else for a change, so you can focus on being that badass mom, partner, or career woman you were born to be.

You weren't put on this planet to do everything. That's why people like me (ME exactly) come into your life to be YOUR EASY BUTTON
What this workout system can't do is...
 ... your laundry or bathe your dog or get your sister's birthday gift to the post office before it closes at 5.
But it CAN put you on the EXACT path you need to finally get next-level results.

I'm talking results that not only build your dream body, but also leave gas in your tank at the end of the day so you can enjoy life.

Results that have you CRAVING more of the sweet, delicious goodness of a fitness success path that steers you in the right direction at all times, so you no longer feel lost, frustrated, or stuck.

The goodness of having a kick ass workout plan delivered to your inbox month after month, a supportive community, and a super fun coach who is your biggest fan.

And isn't that what this is really all about?

Feeling your best so you can be present with your family and friends, kick ass at work, and chill out on the weekends?


Yes. The answer is yes.

Workouts that work for you
Coaching that helps you move better
Community and trainer support
Programs that adapt to your needs
When You Join The Get Strong 12-Month Strength Building System, Here's EXACTLY What You Are Going to Get...
 A guided program that takes you along the Fitness Success Path, so you can finally see results in the gym and feel like you have a solid action plan.

 The personal trainer experience that is often missing from online workouts, so you learn how to move your body with good technique to avoid injury, and feel confident in your workouts.

 A community of amazing women to support and uplift you, answer your questions and give you the motivation to build that badass body you dream about.

 Greater clarity on the right method to get stronger, build more muscle, and feel amazing 365 days a year.

"I've been lifting for around 8 years and have always followed generic powerlifting programs but as a result have become strong on certain lifts but also prone to injury. I am also entering my third year of vet school, and soon clinics, where I will have very little time. I  didn't have the option to travel to a gym and needed to have a program that would be challenging but done at home.

 I love Get Strong, I feel so much more balanced in my physique, the exercises are so fun and can be done in 45 minutes with a combination of body-weight, weights and bands. I look forward to every new module. 

Kellie is so supportive and really wants to help you, her exercise cueing is impeccable. If you are busy and want an excellently designed program that will help you overcome imbalances and develop a well-rounded unbreakable body, look no further!"

- Kate, vet school student
 Overcome stuck-ed-ness, smash personal goals, and learn everything you need to know on be your baddest self in the gym. Become unstoppable as you develop Zena Warrior Princess strength that makes you a movement machine, a lifting badass, and all around more athletic. These intense full body workouts teach you how to lift weights like a boss so you can Run The World. Train hard. Recover well. Rinse and repeat. 
" The whole program is genius, but I particularly love the changes from month to month. It's never boring, so I always look forward to my workouts. The combination of traditional strength building exercises and band and body weight ones have helped me get stronger AND move better. It’s perfect for my needs." 
Annie - in her 70's
"I am stronger! And continuing to get stronger. Prior to Get Strong I had been doing hypertrophy (Epic Ass) for many months. I have really enjoyed getting back to strength-oriented training. I like them both, truthfully, and especially enjoy getting to mix up my programming when I feel like it. FitThrive has so many great options. "
Misti - in her 40's
JOIN TODAY AND SAVE. Get a discount when you pay in full.
Fit Thrive has one rockstar-status community of thriving women who are serious about their sisterhood. 

Our private community is like a virtual potluck picnic, where everyone brings something unique and cherished to the table. 

Plus you can connect with your coach for feedback on your workouts, post videos for technique analysis, and join interactive Live Q & A calls.
Get Strong Workouts Cater To Your Goals...
Get Strong is a full body, 3 days a week workout system that mixes compound exercises, accessory moves, bodyweight classics, new twists on old exercises, stuff you’ve never seen, and oh yeah, lots of band work!

Many strength building workout systems hammer you with lots of compound movements. Over time that can leave you feeling beat up, injured, and often leads to plateaus. This program was designed to get you crazy strong in all your compound lifts by focusing on all the little things too—because the little things are really what amount to some big strength gains.
We’ve got new lifters, recreational gym enthusiasts, powerlifters, Olympic lifters, moms, grandmothers, career women, and everyone in between using this program with great success. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Get Strong will help you achieve new strength levels.

 The workouts range from 45-70 minutes, depending on your gym setting and skill level. Each workout includes compound lifts, plus accessory work with weights, bands, and bodyweight. Move on all planes of motion and target every muscle group on the body large and small, while working on strength, balance, mobility, and stability.

Each video goes over breath control, bracing, alignment, and all the little details that make a big difference in your lifts. Say good-bye to powerlifter-type programs that beat you up and leave out the finer details of movement. Get Strong works on fundamental strength that carries over into everyday life. You'll move better than ever while tapping into your true strength potential rather than developing compensatory patterns to move as much weight as possible. 
 You will also have Get Strong Shorties, which are shorter, more metabolically intense versions of the Get Strong Workouts. These are perfect for an energy boost or if you're short on time. 

YOUR time to finally build an epic body that looks as amazing as it feels starts now!
It's like getting 12 months of personal training with a top coach... for the price of four sessions! 

So, what happens when I sign up?
Glad you asked! Once you sign up, you are automatically logged into your personal account where your program is stored ( remember to write down or save your login info). You will be taken through a Welcome process to get you acquainted, and then you are on your way to your first workout! Each time a new workout plan is released, you will get notified in your inbox. This happens for 12 months, and after that all the workouts are housed in your personal account. 
What’s next?
By now we've chatted up the program enough for you to decide if it's a good fit. Click one of the many buttons to head to our payment options. It's easy-peasy to pay and dig into your content right away. 
Try it risk-free for 7 days. You’ve got nothing to lose.
12 payments
Billed monthly for 12 months
  • New Workouts Delivered To Your Personal Account Every 4 Weeks for 1 year!
  • Detailed Workout Videos, Warm-Ups, and More! 
  • Private Online Community
  • Monthly Mindset Challenges
  • Lifetime Access When Paid In Full
  • Work through the program whenever as as often as you like!
big savings!
One Time Payment, Save $100!
  • New Workouts Delivered To Your Personal Account Every 4 Weeks for 1 year!
  • Detailed Workout Videos, Warm-Ups, and More! 
  • Private Online Community
  • Monthly Mindset Challenges
  • Lifetime Access When Paid In Full
  • Work through the program whenever as as often as you like
3 Payments
Billed First 3 Months
  • New Workouts Delivered To Your Personal Account Every 4 Weeks for 1 year!
  • Detailed Workout Videos, Warm-Ups, and More! 
  • Private Online Community
  • Monthly Mindset Challenges
  • Lifetime Access When Paid In Full
  • Work through the program whenever as as often as you like!
Got Questions? We've Got Answers...
What Equipment Do I Need? 
Get Strong is designed to suit the most basic gym all the way to using a fancy commercial facility. You're golden if you have a good set of bands, some type of weight, a stability ball, and a bench. And the more equipment  you have, the merrier!

Do I Have To Be Super Fit For This?
We do recommend a basic understanding of strength training. If you are brand new to this type of training, start with Glutes+Core Strength. It's a great transition into this program. However, if you are familiar with strength training and have a solid understanding of movements like squats, hip hinges, presses, and pulls-- then you are good to go! 

Crikey, 12 Months Is A Long Time! 
Each module of Get Strong is divided into 4 weeks. The program is yours to keep, so you can work through at your own pace, come back to it after breaks, and pick up where you left off. You'll love not having to think about coming up with workouts ever again. We have members work through the system multiple times. 

Are These Done With You Workouts?  
Each workout in this program offers a detailed instructional video per exercise. You will not follow along with me in your workouts. The videos help you understand your body, including breathing, alignment, posture, positioning, and ways to progress, regress, or use other equipment. Though it takes a bit more time initially, you will learn so much more about your body and reduce risk of pain and injury. 

Will I See Results Fast? 
Results will vary and we have no guarantee because your body, coachability, and commitment is unique to you. This program is meant to help you achieve results over time. We don't offer quick fixes, workouts that kill you to get rapid results, or anything that could potentially risk your health long term.

Can I Use Get Strong If I Have Old Injuries?
Check with your doctor prior to starting any workout program. If you get the O.K., this program is joint-friendly enough for most users. Kellie developed this program after years of sports and lifting injuries. She went through two years of workouts like these prior to having her knee repaired. We have other users with hip replacements, shoulder injuries, and more. It all depends on how your body adapts, but most find it very easy on their body. 

Do I Have To Add Additional Cardio or Workouts To See Results? 
You will see the best results if you follow the program as is. However, I encourage you to continue with activities that you are currently doing and love. I do not recommend adding any additional strength training. but regular activities are fine to add in. 

Do You Have A Sample Workout?
Sure thing! You click here and we will email you a sample lower body workout and warm-up routine right away!

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