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Leading women's fitness coach, Kellie Hart Davis
Own your inner superwoman and learn how to build your core strength and stability while growing your strongest glutes yet. All with minimal exercise equipment. 
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Does this sound
  • You tried all fad booty-building exercises only to end up feeling defeated and DEFLATED.
  •  You put tons of time and energy into your workouts, but you aren’t getting stronger or seeing the results you want.
  •  You dread lifting weights because you know your back and hips will pay for it after.
  •  Everyone and his mother talks about bracing during exercise  but you still don’t really GET what that means.
  •  You KNOW you’re supposed use glute and core exercises in your workouts, but aren’t quite sure how or when or what to do.
  •  Your abs gets exhausted first during push-ups and your back aches during certain exercises-- sometimes for days after. 
  •   You feel pain in your hips and low back no matter how much you warm-up or foam roll.
  •  You’ve grown comfortable with the fact that you WILL pee your pants during heavy deadlifts and jump rope sessions. Even though you know it’s not a good thing.
The crazy thing is I had ALL of these issues for years.
And I picked up my first barbell at age 14. I've been hanging around gyms since I was a kid. I THOUGHT I knew the ropes. 
Three years ago I spent months with different healthcare practitioners trying to find the root of all these issues. 

Sometimes my back pain was so bad I couldn't walk. Other times I could not get my glutes to work for the life of me during exercise. And my core was so weak pull-ups and push-ups were out of the question. 

Chiropractors and physical therapists treated the symptoms, but never addressed the problem.
I was diagnosed with ‘core instability’ by a physical therapist, but poo-pooed the notion because his treatment plan was ineffective.
I thought, “How could I have core instability if I can deadlift 300 pounds?”
He was right. But how he went about correcting the issue was completely wrong.
And he makes the big bucks.
Last year I did the unthinkable and stopped lifting heavy for six months. Crazy, right?

I scaled back to the basics and learned what the underlying issues were. I THOUGHT I was strong. But I wasn't.

I learned how to manipulate my body into positions that worked to my advantage. But in the end I was broken and injured all the time. 

I had a weak core. I had a core that wasn't working to protect my back. I had glutes that worked inefficiently. 

And through all of this I learned that without a strong, stable core and glutes that worked properly, I was never going to feel better. I was never going to live pain free. 

I was never going to jump rope or lift heavy weights or sneeze or cough without peeing my pants. 
You might think that I got weaker during those six months, but when I finally returned to heavy lifting I was able to move more weight than ever.  
I even signed up for a deadlift contest on a whim, trained two days a week for only 8 weeks, and pulled a 330-lb deadlift without a belt like it was a bag of feathers.
All of this has happened and I've stayed completely injury free.

So what made the biggest difference?

build a strong, beautiful core with the Glutes and Core Strength program
That is exactly what I built into the Fit Thrive Glutes and Core 12-Week Program.
I spent months pouring over videos, seminars, books, and articles to learn how the core works AND how to co-contract the muscles in the core with the glutes.

THAT is the key.

Getting the core and glutes to work together.
It changes everything.
To be honest, the core is rather complex. And using it efficiently is no easy task.
So if you feel defeated, DON’T.
If you feel hopeless, DON’T.
Because even though the core is complex, it’s simple to learn HOW to establish healthy movement and breathing patterns so you can FINALLY build the strength you deserve.
All of those grueling hours you put into your workouts WILL pay off once you tap into those deep core muscles and understand HOW to use them effectively.
And when the core is firing on all cylinders, the glutes will follow suit—it’s a beautiful harmony.
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Details of the Fit Thrive app
Get started today and receive:
Our custom-built fitness tracking app downloaded to your smartphone, an in-depth eBook guide with 
detailed exercise tutorials,  access to our friendly closed Facebook community,
and a program that you can use for life.

  •  Access to the Fit Thrive app with 4 workout modules each lasting 3 weeks. The modules include breathing and bracing practice, daily warm-up drills, plus detailed workout videos.
  • Dig into our quick ebook guide that introduces the basic concepts of breathing and bracing, glute/core co-contraction, and what to expect during the program. 
  •   Gain a greater understanding about how your body moves with our in-depth exercise tutorials. Kellie walks you through each movement with detailed instruction, including how to use the breath properly during exercise. 
  •  Build a body that can support your lifts without other muscles overcompensating. Learn to brace and breathe in the right way so you can tap into those deep core muscles, fire the glutes on all cylinders, and just be a total badass when you dominate in the gym.
Learn fast HOW to establish healthy movement and breathing patterns so you can FINALLY build the strength you deserve while moving pain-free.
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Single Payment of $197
 4 workout modules totaling 12 weeks of intense glutes and core training.
5 Bracing and breathing tutorials that guide you through how to properly breathe during exercise from different positions.
3 - 6 weekly workouts that fit easily into your schedule and can be done at home with minimal equipment.
1 program guide that provides a sound understanding of the program along with printable workout logs and longer video explanations for each exercise. 
1 downloadable workout tracking app designed for Fit Thrive so you can access your workout programs and video short exercise demos from anywhere.
1 access pass to our friendly closed Facebook community where you can get all the answers you need, meet new friends, and chat with your coach. 
An introduction to bracing, breathing, and the importance of glute/core co-contraction. Weeks 1-3 workouts focus on basic movements as you learn how to move with your breath. In each of the four modules you will work through 3 challenging weekly workouts that fit easily into your schedule. 

Weeks 4-6 ramp up the intensity now that you have a good understanding of proper movement and breathing. This module introduces resistance work with bands.  
Weeks 7-9 introduces weighted exercises along with band and bodyweight movements. Each module adds layers to the previous work so that you build a solid foundation of strength. 
Weeks 10-12 brings the greatest intensity as we round out the program. Challenge your stability, increase your strength, and fire up those glutes for our final push before you graduate to total badassery. 
 "This changed everything for me. I had no idea how little of my core I was using before I started this program. I now understand what it actually means to "brace" my core. I can do so many more exercises that I skipped before, because I thought they were hurting my back. It turns out it was only because I wasn't turning my core on. I think this program should be mandatory for anybody who strength trains."
"Even after practicing yoga for many years, I found this course of core and glute integration super challenging but so helpful. I now feel I have a true sense of what a strong and balanced core is, and recently deadlifted nearly twice my body weight without needing a belt. Learning how to brace and activating the posterior chain has made a huge difference in how I train and how I move in everyday life."
- Carmena
"I purchased the GLUTES+CORE STRENGTH program because I have heard lifters discussing bracing, but never truly understood what they meant. I was also hoping to get stronger in my lifts. Throughout this program I was impressed with the detail Kellie used in all her video descriptions, and how she focused on the actual breath with every exercise. As a result I learned how to activate my core in all of my exercises, and while it took a lot of concentration initially, I realize that I am now able to do so in my daily life without thinking about it. Additionally, after I completed the program I was able to safely add more weight to exercises I had been stuck on. I am extremely grateful for Kellie's knowledge and the community she has built. I would recommend any of her programs to individuals who want to become stronger and improve their aesthetics."
core glute bracing
"This was the program I had been waiting for. I haven't felt this great in my core in such a long time. I've struggled with this area of my body since giving birth to my first son 18 years ago. As I went through this program, I realized an injury from lifting in my 20's (I am now 50) was the cause of my core not being utilized as it should have been. I can honestly say engaging my core and glutes have helped me tremendously in and out of the gym. Thank you, Kellie, for all your hard work and passion, it is contagious!

PS..this was the highlight of GLUTES+CORE STRENGTH for me. I was able to do a handstand but the pic was doing a partial handstand on a paddle board (I had only been on the paddle board a few times and balance was interesting). I am in the pink shorts."
fit moms love the Glutes and Core Strength Program
strong curves, strong core, strong deadlift
"I used to suffer from chronic back pain. I went to bed every night with a heating pad. Visits to the chiropractor were regular, especially if I was lifting heavy, to manage or bandaid the underlying issue. Following Kellie's GLUTES+CORE STRENGTH resolved this. I no longer go to bed with a heating pad, and I haven't visited the chiropractor since completing the program. The added glute development is nice, but is more of a perk. The true strength of Kellie's program is its ability to create true inner core strength and stability. Chronic back pain has been resolved. Core stability in my heavy lifting is rock solid. I am able to lift heavier belt free than I was before."
build lean, beautiful muscle with Glutes and Core Strength
 "GLUTES+CORE STRENGTH is the perfect workout that can be done anywhere. Kellie's videos are great to build awareness and muscle activation. My posture improved notably within a couple of weeks, and I gained a lot of ab and glute strength which has helped my cycling performance considerably! I strongly recommend G&C."
Strong Curves coauthor Kellie Davis
With this program you will receive two bonus breathing videos accessible right inside the app. These videos walk you through exercise you can start using today to breath better and understand how breath relates to movement

You will also receive updated Q and A sessions in the app with detailed answers to questions about the course content along with added bonus material throughout the lifetime of the app

When the course is updated you will get all the new material delivered to your smartphone at no additional cost. 
breathing tutorial video
In addition to the hundreds of exercises packed into this program, you will snag a copy of our 25 Bodyweight Glute Building Exercises eBook. 

This book can download to your smartphone or tablet so you have dozens of workout options at your fingertips

This fun guide walks you step-by-step  through 25 of our favorite booty exercises that use your body as your gym, each page in full color with detailed photos to show you how properly perform the movements. This book also includes additional workout suggestions to use in a pinch.  
bodyweight glute building exercises
What do you say? You want more workouts?

Thought you'd never ask. Here are 38 more quick workouts you can do anywhere

Whether you train at home, in the gym, or on the go. You have plenty of options to satisfy your fitness itch. 
38 quick home workouts you can do anywhere
$129.97 VALUE 
resistance band exercise program
We are huge fans of TheXBands.com products and have partnered with them so you can purchase their bands right from our site. Click the link above to purchase either the booty bands set or the loop bands set for this program. 
Kellie Davis, founder of Fit Thrive
Choose the program that's right for you:
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Fit Thrive's 
encompasses everything I love about being a strong, healthy woman.
There is no shame in wanting to build a beautiful body on your terms. As women, we defy the laws of strength every day: as career women, mothers, friends, community supporters, and advocates. 

I believe women should cherish their bodies and health whole-heartedly, and this is the foundation of my programming. These workouts fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle and provide you the best challenge to grow strong, beautiful muscle that you can be proud of. 

I can't wait to get started with you! Thank you again for trusting me as your coach along your fitness journey. As we move through our years in life, our needs change and I am so happy to change with you. 

Here's to another great workout together!  

Kellie Hart Davis, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Founder Fit Thrive, Co-Founder Get Glutes, Co-Author Strong Curves

BA- Florida Gulf Coast University
MPS- George Washington University
Kellie Hart Davis, Strong Curves co-author and founder of Fit Thrive
How long are the workouts?
Each workout will last 30-50 minutes, depending on how much time you devote to them. You will do 5 minutes of breathing/bracing exercises prior to each training session along with a warm-up and full workout. The more time you spend really tapping into your deep core muscles and focusing on movement, the greater you will benefit from this program.
How does Glutes+Core Strength and Epic Ass vary from a program like Get Glutes?
Glutes and Core is a 12-week program that focuses solely on building fundamental strength. We tap into your deep core muscles, go over breathing methods, and teach you how to co-contract the glutes and core together so you learn to brace better when you lift. 

I recommend this for anyone who has ever struggled with getting stronger- you may feel stuck on your lifts or like you've hit your max effort and the bar won't budge-, or is prone to back/hip pain, injury or feels weak in the core when they lift. I also recommend this for anyone who doesn't understand bracing or how to breath during exercise.

The program is bodyweight and bands mostly, with an intro to light weights toward the end. I've had ladies who are new to fitness run through this, as well as, seasoned powerlifters and competitive endurance athletes. They all say it changed how they move and lift for the better.

Epic Ass is a lot different from Get Glutes, but some of the underlying principles remain. Epic Ass is a six day a week body part split program, with emphasis on the glutes each workout. And you don't go for heavy reps. We stick to 6-30 reps range, using a variety of bodyweight, bands, and weighted exercises. 

Both programs come with the app, which has been a huge hit. Plus you get an ebook and loads of video instruction.

Get Glutes follows the template we used when writing the book Strong Curves. They are primarily full body workouts that focus on getting stronger. 

I ran beta testing with a small group of Get Glutes members for both Glutes and Core and Epic Ass and they loved the change of pace and how much their bodies changed. Even my powerlifter girls who went back to heavy training after said it changed their strength a ton. 

The great thing about all these programs is you get to keep them. A lot of members have switched back and further between all three, cycling them every few months.
Can I use this with another workout program? 
Yes, this works well in conjunction with another workout program like Get Glutes. I would recommend sticking to 2-4 sessions of your other program and using this as two-a-days or on your off days. Each module has 3 workouts a week, so it’s very manageable. We are primarily using moderate reps with bodyweight, bands, and light weights, so too much mechanical stress will not be a huge factor when using this with other workout systems.
Can I use this as a stand-alone workout program?
Absolutely. This program comes with 3 workouts in each module that you will work through for 3 weeks at a time. I recommend if doing this as a stand-alone program to perform each workout twice per week, depending on what your schedule will allow. This works really well for busy schedules or when you need a break from heavy lifting. I also encourage this as a stand-alone program for anyone who is experiencing pain and cannot lift weights at the moment.
If I buy this now can I save it and start it later?
Yes, you do not have to begin the program right away. You can access the content any time. Once you download the app you can use the program as many times and for as long as you wish. 
Fit Thrive Money Back Guarantee!
If you don't love our program after tracking it in the app for 30 days, we guarantee your money back. We want you to be a raving fan of our programs, so if after 30 days of logging your workouts and putting in effort,  you feel the program isn't right for you then we will gladly refund you 100%. In return we ask that you give the workouts a fair shot. That means you show up every day ready to work, push through every workout, and give it your all.

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Consumer Testimonials. As with any business-related program, your results using Fit Thrive Glutes and Core Strength  may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, dedication to the program, fitness level at beginning of program, biological factors, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or fitness level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Fit Thrive Glutes and Core Strength is not a “get results quick scheme.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and these grads agree.